Bullish on the Bolts

We’ll have to be brief today.  It has been rather hectic around here, but that is a very good thing.  Thursday’s game didn’t have the mojo for us to write about it as a strong play.  We did bet the Preds -155 and had them at 6-1 to with the Cup, but didn’t want to post an article with our lack of confidence in them before the puck dropped.  Something just didn’t feel as good as tonight’s game in Beautiful Tampa.  The Preds laid an early egg last night with Rinne giving Winnipeg a 2-0 head start on super soft goals.  Nashville couldn’t recover after the 2nd cupcake he let in the net.

Tonight’s bet on the Tampa Bay Lightning will most likely be our largest single bet game in Round 3.  Our big bet on the Bolts to seal the Bruins series was awesome.  TBL played the solid game we thought.  We expect the same type of performance by the Bolts tonight.

As Jon Cooper said recently, Game 1 with Boston was exactly what the Lightning needed as a wake-up call and it sure worked wonders.  We have been bullish on the Bolts since last Fall and have been dropping Stanley Cup bets on them when we cashed after some big wins during football season.  That being said, we pressed this bet recently after that loss to Boston.

That ass-kicking Boston put on the TBL in the 1st game of Round 2 was exactly what a quality team needs to propel them into the Stanley Cup Finals.  That series was over after Tampa crushed the Bruins in Game 3 to take back Home Ice.  Tampa won’t lose Home Ice to the Capitals.  It starts tonight with a complete game tonight at Amalie Arena.  The Bolts smashed Boston with 4 straight.  We are not sure if the Bolts can win 4 straight against the Caps, but we do expect them to send Washington home after 5 or 6 games(max).

Tampa Bay is the hottest team in the league.  We are long and strong The Bolts tonight.  Once again, this will probably be our largest single-game bet of Round 3 (in both conferences).  #GoBolts

Sitting on the Lightning -175 and might press it at a higher number, but we are in pretty deep right now.

Pens and Bolts lead the way…

May has started on a good note.   Solid wins in the NHL with Pittsburgh on May 3rd and with Tampa Bay on the 6th.   Maybe it was just good timing,  but we’ll take it as a good sign for things to come.   Playoff Hockey is more fun when you win.   We won’t be writing everyday,  but will when there seems to be a game of interest that deserves more than 140 characters to explain our thoughts.  For now, we’re in the mix until the Stanley Cup engraving starts.

We’ll be back before tonight’s game in Nashville (5:00PM PST).  One team seems to have an edge or two that will make a difference.   The home team is a solid favorite, but a whole lot of money is being bet on the Jets to win outright.   It’s definitely a game of interest for a few reasons, including who to will be the Golden Knights’ next opponent.



Bolts have Bruins right where they want them… on thin ice

The Tampa Bay Lightning have a golden opportunity to close out Boston and rest for their final push to win the Stanley Cup.  We bet the Lightning yesterday after the line to today’s game verses Boston was posted.  Our first bet was on Tampa Bay -175.  We think there is value with the line.  We expected TBL -195/-205.

Home ice at this time of year is extremely valuable.   Although,  last night,  home ice failed the Nashville Predators.  The Preds were not ready for Winnipeg.   The Winnipeg Jets were focused and took the game to Nashville in the 2nd.  The defense didn’t seem to show up for the Preds and Rinne got peppered all game.  Game 6 should be a lot of fun to watch.  Hopefully this series goes seven and these teams will beat the heck out of each other before the next round.

Home ice is a huge advantage for those teams that have learned to thrive on it.  Tampa Bay and Vegas have been two teams that have excelled on home ice this season.  Granted,  the Bolts laid an egg in Game 1 verses Boston.  Like we mentioned with Nashville above,  the home team has to be primed for the game too.

Our founder worked with the Lightning a while ago(when Phil Esposito was putting together the pieces of the organization).  Back then,  Espo worked with a Japanese development company to put funding together.  Now with Vinik in charge,  the organization is financially stable and focused on the greatest trophy in all of sports.  This organization has put together an incredible team.  The Bolts have a solid goaltender in Vazina Trophy candidate Andrei Vasilevskiy,  an All-Star Front line and a solid D.  Now add in the recent play of Brayden Point.   Plus,  we liked the moves they made before the trading deadline.  The “Rangers South” looks like a good formula for the Bolts.  We expect them to represent the Eastern Conference in June(with a bet on them at 5-1 to hoist the cup).

Why do we like Tampa Bay so much?  There are a few reasons other than home ice.  The Bolts have found the formula to stifle and frustrate Brad Marchand so much so that the Boston All-Star is using a rile and juvenile tactic to disrupt the opposition.  This is an incredibly telling sign of a loser(not the person),  but his mental state.  The Bruins best offensive weapon has subconsciously shown that the series with Tampa Bay has been lost.  After Game 4,  we couldn’t wait for the line on today’s game to be  posted.

The bet was pressed when the news last night confirmed that Krug will not suit up for this vital game.  We love playoff hockey and if there is a will and a way,  these guys will skate.  His injury was strange and looked uncomfortable for anyone that saw it.  It was a bit of a freak accident,  but enough to keep Krug out and open a major hole in the Bruins defense.

Expect the Bolts to press the Bruins early and often.  At Vegas Sports®,  we like betting the moneyline,  not the puck line,  in hockey.  We bet the Bolts on Friday morning at -175,  last night at -175 and again this morning at -165 on the moneyline.


Home Ice Just Adds to the Pens Advantage tonight

It has been a while since we put ‘pen’ to pad, but it is time.

We love #PlayoffHockey. Something about watching live has an intensity like no other sport.  Maybe that year going to all those Blueshirt games at MSG forged a loyalty unlike we have with any other sport. Eddie Giacomin in goal.  Brad Smith was the only one sporting a helmet back then and the safety net was a distant concern.  Something about our bet tonight is about player safety and how it will affect the outcome of the game.  It seems like all those memories have Chestnuts, Sarbretts and a pretzel with mustard on the menu.

We think that the game tonight when the Washington Capitals visit the PPG Paints Arena and play a game (must-win for the home team) hosted by the 2-time defending Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins presents a good opportunity to win a bet.

Really, we can cut it there.

In reality, we see a very strong home team playing in front of a top-tier hockey town fans.  Generational fans must have you.

Probably could stop there too.

Add in Crosby, Malkin, Murray, Kessel, Guentzel, Dumoulin and we could keep going, but we’ll stop there with Dumoulin.

Again, we could stop there, but we won’t.  Maybe a decent article is all part of the path to the plan. Who know we just keep pressing, in games and in life.

Speaking of pressing and Dumoulin.  We have one last bit of thought to pass along.  Granted that our bets are all ready in place,  so like on Twitter @VegasSports this is just to provide our thoughts on a solid sports gambling opportunity that we feel is valid enough to provide the public.

To address pressing, we bet the Pens -165 last night and again at -170 once we saw the early moves.

Now,  back to the emotional shot-in-arm given to the 2-time defending Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins.  Dumoulin (and Malkin) participated in the morning skate and plan on playing tonight in front of the generational, raucous home crowd.  Dumoulin got pasted by the now-suspended Tom Wilson in Game 2.  It was nasty.  Although it wasn’t as nasty as Wilson’s shot that broke the jaw of Aston-Reese. Nobody wants to deal with a broken jaw.

The set-up is in place.  The bet size is decent (guess the bet is more than decent size since we pressed).  Washington has some playmakers, but tonight they will not have the freedom on ice when Wilson was clearing paths.

Go Pens.