Bullish on the Bolts

We’ll have to be brief today.  It has been rather hectic around here, but that is a very good thing.  Thursday’s game didn’t have the mojo for us to write about it as a strong play.  We did bet the Preds -155 and had them at 6-1 to with the Cup, but didn’t want to post an article with our lack of confidence in them before the puck dropped.  Something just didn’t feel as good as tonight’s game in Beautiful Tampa.  The Preds laid an early egg last night with Rinne giving Winnipeg a 2-0 head start on super soft goals.  Nashville couldn’t recover after the 2nd cupcake he let in the net.

Tonight’s bet on the Tampa Bay Lightning will most likely be our largest single bet game in Round 3.  Our big bet on the Bolts to seal the Bruins series was awesome.  TBL played the solid game we thought.  We expect the same type of performance by the Bolts tonight.

As Jon Cooper said recently, Game 1 with Boston was exactly what the Lightning needed as a wake-up call and it sure worked wonders.  We have been bullish on the Bolts since last Fall and have been dropping Stanley Cup bets on them when we cashed after some big wins during football season.  That being said, we pressed this bet recently after that loss to Boston.

That ass-kicking Boston put on the TBL in the 1st game of Round 2 was exactly what a quality team needs to propel them into the Stanley Cup Finals.  That series was over after Tampa crushed the Bruins in Game 3 to take back Home Ice.  Tampa won’t lose Home Ice to the Capitals.  It starts tonight with a complete game tonight at Amalie Arena.  The Bolts smashed Boston with 4 straight.  We are not sure if the Bolts can win 4 straight against the Caps, but we do expect them to send Washington home after 5 or 6 games(max).

Tampa Bay is the hottest team in the league.  We are long and strong The Bolts tonight.  Once again, this will probably be our largest single-game bet of Round 3 (in both conferences).  #GoBolts

Sitting on the Lightning -175 and might press it at a higher number, but we are in pretty deep right now.