ACC Power creates an attractive teaser bet

You will find that a large portion of the teaser bets that we make are two team teasers that create a situation where both teams just need to win the game for the bet to win.  College football teams in the Power 5 only need to go undefeated to make it to the Final Four.  Long gone are the days where style points make the difference to get into the national championship mix.

In this opening weekend teaser bet, we selected Florida State paired with Clemson.  These two games match solid football programs of the ACC verses SEC.  The bet was placed prior to the news about Sean Maquire’s injury, but we are comfortable with Francois under center for the ‘Noles.  This Seminole team is led by Dalvin Cook.  As Cook goes, so goes the ‘Noles.  The Rebels counter with solid passing attack directed by Chad Kelly, but our belief is that the difference maker is the Seminole defense giving the edge to the garnet and gold.

Clemson is a powerhouse that has plans to play in Tampa.  We think they’ll be there too.  The big game for the Tiger is on October 29th in Tallahassee, but it means much less if they are not undefeated.  Again, we place the teaser on this leg for the Clemson win.  It is a daunting task ahead for Auburn to take on an offensive power such as Clemson.  The War eagles at home can be up to the task.  We feel that the Tiger’s offense will be tough to stop and be the difference maker in this game.

As with all of our bets for Teaser Tuesday, we will only bet to win $100.  Since we have teased 7 points, we will have to bet $120 to win $100. College teasers are offered will lower odds, but the points are not as valuable as in the NFL



Clemson -1/2

Florida State +1