Posts made in October 2016

Teaser Tuesday returns with a roar

We have missed publishing our Teaser Tuesday. It was stopped partly because of poor performance and partly to protect our Golden Nugget Showdown and William Hill College Pick’em selections.


By the way, Vegas Sports is doing well in both contests. We are within striking range after four weeks. The competition is only getting tougher, so we will have to be at our best all 10 weeks. After much discussion, it was decided that Teaser Tuesday had little impact on our Golden Nugget Showdown. All Teaser Tuesdays will be in the NFL, which is the way it should be… right?


Our first team in the tease will be the Chicago Bears. We like Hoyer. Sparty has been putting some solid quarterbacks in the league. Hoyer is the best of the three that will play this Sunday. The coaching staff in Chicago is feeling pressure. We expect a well-designed game plan from Fox and his coaching staff to isolate favorable match-ups on both sides of the lines.


Indy has to be a little jet lagged after playing and losing last Sunday in London. It’s tough enough switching one time zone let alone five. This team has disappointed us. We thought that the organization would build more around him. It is obviously that Luck misses having Flee on the sideline with him. It was a mistake to let him hit the free market. Another favorable situation is that this game falls in between three division games for the Colts. Trips to Houston and Tennessee await the Colts after the Bears game.


The other leg of our 2-team, 6-point teaser is on the Denver Broncos to win. The teaser allows us to move the line from -6 to even. The Falcons looked great in their wins against Oakland and Carolina (we lost both bets). Matty Ice and Jones might be the best combination in the league. The Falcons looked good early in the season last year too. This is a tough spot for the Falcons. We are going to stay with formulas that have paid off in the past. It would be a mistake to sway from the discipline that got us here. It might be easier to list the advantages.


Denver Advantages:
1) NFC Dome team playing in Mile High
2) Atlanta has a vulnerability on the offensive line that Denver is built to exploit. The Denver front is formidable. Expect Wolfe and Miller to spend plenty of time in the Falcon’s backfield.
3) Mile High Magic with that altitude
4) Atlanta’s defense is susceptible to the Broncos rushing attack and the weapons on the outside that could be the best receiving tandem (DT and Sanders) in the league.
5) Talib will neutralize Jones
6) The game was rescheduled to start at 4:20pm EST (Not really, it’s 4:05pm EST)
7) That Denver crowd is loud and disruptive


Atlanta’s Advantages:
1) Denver’s quarterback is young
2) Atlanta has won 3 in a row (Denver has won 4)


We see quite a few advantages that lean toward the Broncos to get the win over The ATL. We like the Bears to be competitive with the Colts, if not win their game on Sunday. This is the true beauty of a teaser bet. It can be a great way to bet on the NFL. Through the teaser, we can bet on the Broncos to win at home (which normally is a -250 moneyline bet) paired with Hoyer and his solid receivers to stay within 10 points of the Colts.


2-team, 6-point teaser bet at the South Point: $120 bet to win $100
Chicago Bears +10.5
Denver Broncos (pk)

The Golden 7 – GN Showdown Week 4

Last week our Lucky 7 was not so lucky, therefore we are going to adjust the name to hopefully adjust our results.  Plus, we wrote too much on each game.  The Golden 7 will be more condensed.  The GN Showdown and William Hill College contests have been so tough, but we love the challenge.  As mentioned many times, we don’t bet all of these game.  We do bet some and will look to highlight them.  Our mettle is being tested.


Every week, we learn more and more about various programs in college football.  All of this work has had a net positive effect on our bankroll and should pay dividends in bowl season.  Also, we need to be ready for the Wildcard Chase in Week 9 and 10.


On to the games (listed in our order of preference):


Toledo +4
This is our Lock of the Year.  Yes, we know.  Toledo covered a close game in Provo.  This is a solid team that played a phenomenal game against a tough BYU team.  This win will be chalked up as pure luck to get the cover (4th and 4… wink, wink). Next.


Jets +2.5 ($)

Call us crazy, but we really like the Jets in this spot.  This game appeals to us because of three factors: west coast team playing in New York at 10:00am PST, Jet’s D-Line verses Seattle’s O-Line and the line action in the point spread all week.  If we have time, we’ll write more about this game.


Ball State -4 ($)

This one goes to the seniors at Ball State that have had to suffer with so many losing seasons.  Revenge will best be served in front of a sold out stadium in Muncie, Indiana.  We’ll be betting the moneyline in this game.


Missouri +13 ($)

Change can be tough for anyone.  Mizzou is solid team that is catching LSU at the right time.  We’ll take the points.  By the way, we also have Missouri +400 on the moneyline.


Maryland -10.5 ($)
The first Big 10 game for the Terrapins.  We think the potential here is for a convincing win over the Boilermakers.


Wake Forest +10.5 ($)
Opening conference game for both teams.  NC State hosts Notre Dame next week.  How can the Wolfpack not be distracted from the shadow cast by the Fighting Irish.  Wake Forest was impressive in their upset win on the road in Bloomington.  The Demon Deacons will travel to Raleigh looking for the win and should fight.


Minnesota – 5 (No bet yet, but maybe)

The Vikings might be the best team in the NFC.  Bradford finally has a solid team around him.  Minnesota is 1-0 at home.  Constant pressure on Manning will be important to get the cover.


Good luck everyone.